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Our Daughter
VK4FSPY in Party Mode???


Malia attends James Cook University in Cairns where she is studying for Dual Degrees. Law and Business. She is also an external student at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia studying Security, Counterterrorism and Terrorism and a degree in Asian Studies. Four degrees in all which keep her very busy. She likes to ride her motor bike for relaxation.

Malia's pride and joy
It's a hard life being a cat in our home


Malia rescued Kekoa in Las Vegas, NV and we flew her home to Australia where she enjoys the best care and attention. As you can see in the picture, she does not suffer from any stress related issues.

Malia's Ride
Modified Yamaha Cruiser

VK4FSPY did not want a photo taken
Oh Well!...@#$% Happens.

Mary-Liz had a Birthday
So the Girls Celebrated

Gary and Jennie in the Garden
gary 036.jpg
We feed the wildlife here in our back garden

Hawaiian Connection
Cousin Mary-Liz

and the party got better..lotsa giggling
VK4FSPY shares some humour with the Birthday Girl

See the 10M Plus Portable Towers

DX....bring it on